Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
Hi Richo, Please don't take my remarks too much to heart. I have been playing with radio and kits for quite a few years (Fiftyish more or less :-)) and I know some of the pitfalls!
I don't think that it would actually cost much more to add some protection, after all at 200 euros a pop this kit not exactly cheap and the space is not too much of an issue, as there is still some spare area up next to the beeper. I think that the connections are already sufficiently varied that most people would have to be really awkward to get them mixed up and I think with the usb mini b it is not possible to connect it the wrong way around.
Maybe I am just a little sensitive at the moment. :-)
My soldering is certainly not bad although with advancing age and the rush for tiny components it is not likely to get much better.
The trouble with the plethora of small switch mode psu's that come with every small thing that you buy these days is that they are a bit unpredictable, even unreliable!
I was certainly disappointed that my station only lasted 2 days, but I believe that this is a good project and so I have bought another board and I will take even more care and hope that it will survive a slightly longer this time.

Egon has asked me to send him the the faulty board and this I will do.
Kindest regards,


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