Problem after updating firmware. blue 8.32b
Hi Mike, Here are the two data sheets. Both the regulators can be adjusted by small amounts I think. The limit with both appears to be related mainly to temperature but the LM1085 has about twice the power output and better regulation to temperature graph. So it should run cooler and provide better regulation and allow for a better margin if change on the input.

LM7805 Data sheet

LM1085 Data sheet.

There are others of course everyone seems to have there own favourite manufacturer and just about everyone makes these handy little devices.

Like the 78 series they do come in all the standard voltages so just make sure that they send you the ones that you want.

Mouser and Farnell also have them, but at five times the price and for here at least, a minimum $12.00 postage/packing charge as well.

However, up to a month to come from China and two days from mouser!


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