Should we have a FAQ?
There's a new documentation system available now:

(2024-01-09, 18:44)vinesweather Wrote: Absolutely we need an FAQ.
There wiki had a FAQ. It has been moved to the new docs and divided into two parts:

FAQ for station oeprators:

General FAQ:

(2024-01-09, 18:44)vinesweather Wrote: And in my opinion a better forum platform like SMF or Discourse.
Yes, certainly at some point. That's on the to-do list right at the end. Big Grin
Stations: 538, 1534, 1712, 2034, 2219, 3044
Hi Tobi,
As a lightning entusiast and weather watcher I was very interested to read your updated
document on the Blitzortung system and operation.
I look forward to the next version of the project being launched.
Thank you for your insight.

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