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(2018-08-15, 16:09) Wrote: Does Africa has a lightning report?

Hello Joseph,

as far as I can see there are very few stations active in Africa and around. All of them seem to be listed on the Europe page of LMO. There is one each in Malawi, Namibia and South Africa and there are four stations east of Africa in La Reunion. Two are north west of Africa on Spanish and Portuguese islands. Too less stations for a dedicated region. Minimum 11 stations have to send matching signals to detect a stroke.


Thank you Klaus,

I would want to situate one in Nigeria, how do I go about it?

Hi Joseph,

I have not visited the forum in a few months and I only see your post now. 

It would be excellent if you could help join and build the Africa network ! Africa has very few stations, too thin to have proper coverage, so every additional station in Africa goes a very long way to help roll out our network into Africa.

Happy to answer any questions privately.

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