still semi-active after 1 month
(2018-11-25, 11:46)dalex Wrote: It's being a month now, and the data flow from the server(s) to has not been restored...

[Last update: 44,630 minutes ago]

Some of the information is correct, e.g. [Strokes Detected], station's [Last Update], etc.

All the rest stays "frozen" at the status of the problem day, October 25th.

Do we have any hope to see our (and others) data active before the New Year?  I know that is not a commercial operation, and developer staff has a life to live too, but ONE month?

How can WE help?
Dalex, yes, they are working on getting everything back to normal operation.

Although it may be frustrating, the best way we can help is being patient and wait.
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