Two Issues so far...Fault light & Request Acct.
(2018-12-01, 19:27)Mike Wrote: Hello,

Finished installing all the components onto the System Blue board.....  I purchased the alum. box with my kit and when I use the on/off switch which is connected to the jumper of pin 5 and 6 I get the fault light get rid of this I push the reset button on the System Blue board and the Power and Mode lights just come on.....I can connect my gps and after just a minute the blue gps light flashes on and off continually.  I then connected my network cable and the green network lite comes on steady and the lights at the network connection work as they on steady and yellow flashes randomly.  

I can't find the "request and account".  I enter the IP address of my board in my browser, login and can see everything...Status, Settings, Tools, Signals, etc.... Under Settings/Network  I find Web Interface where I checked "Need authentication:" and put the same username and password that I used to get into my IP (not sure if this is what there looking for) address and clicked on Apply...but I'm not getting an email with the information I need.....sooo I think I'm in the wrong area here...

So where is the "request and account

Thanks for all your help...

Hi Mike - there is no request an account link - you need to send an email to Ergon requesting it ...
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