Two Issues so far...Fault light & Request Acct.
(2019-08-18, 16:16)Mike Wrote:
(2019-08-17, 15:03)Slaviks Wrote:
(2018-12-01, 19:27)Mike Wrote: Finished installing all the components onto the System Blue board.....  I purchased the alum. box with my kit and when I use the on/off switch which is connected to the jumper of pin 5 and 6 I get the fault light get rid of this I push the reset button on the System Blue board and the Power and Mode lights just come on.....

I am a new user and find myself exactly at in the same situation with the fault light coming on when the system is powered with a switch. Reset button works as it does for you, but it is located inside the aluminum housing and is inconvenient to access.

Mike, have you managed to solve this issue?

Hi Slaviks,
Yes, I've solved this first I soldered a remote switch across the reset button, then after talking to a friend and showing him the schematic, he figured out what to do...  He soldered a 1000 microfarad electrolytic capacitor across Capacitor C812 (across from LED4B).  The capacitor is a 1000mf, 6.3 volt, and the negative leg of the 1000mf is connected to the C812 side that is closest to LED4B.  See picture.... He (my friend) said that it just needed to drain the voltage down before rebooting or something like that...
Hope this helps, and be very careful when soldering this new capacitor over and onto the surface mounted capacitor...

Hi Mike,

Oh, that's a neat hack! I presume that with this setup C812 can be safely desoldered since the big electrolytic guy now dominates the capacitance. 

For my station, for now, I have hooked up the reset button to the power flip-switch on the external enclosure, similarly to what you did initially. Once I've started operating the receiver (station 2616), I've learned that the "fault condition" mere indicates a burst of signals interpreted as interference, so starting up with a fault light on does not prevent the tracker from recovering and going into normal observation mode. 

Station: 2616.
Stations: 2616

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