Changing the "Home" location of the Blue Dot.
Running the Real Time Lightning Map on the home computer - NOT a smartphone - how do you change the "home" location of the blue dot indicator? It has me registered at an incorrect town and I would like to have it show closer to my home. Thanks for any help, Danny.

Find the config.php file in your webserver directory (maybe /var/www/html/InstallDIr/config.php or /usr/share/nginx/html/InstallDir/config.php) and look for these lines:


Adjust the lines accordingly.
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rbeerster, appreciate the help however I am unable to locate what you ask. I know it sounds simple enough....
I think BassManDanny means the online map and no MyBO.

This is something no one can change remotely as the page asks your browser to place a pin where you are according the details your browser has of your location. This is not coming from the servers. In my case as my ISP does not share locations .. I'm in the middle of the oceans ...

Often also the browser get's the location of where you connection is linked to the backbone (can be several hundred kilometers away)... Not sure if in the preferences of your browser you have more options to be more precise.
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OK, thanks, Eric. I guess I'll look into it a bit further...
Not getting my hopes up at this point.

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