Hurricane Dorian
Our blitzortung network is picking up lightning around the eyewall of the hurricane. As we all know, lightning in hurricanes is uncommon, except for in intense hurricanes. The storm just hit 180 mph sustained winds and over 220 mph gusts. This is scary situation for the Bahamas. All unprotected living beings will suffer the wrath of this dangerous hurricane. I hope for the best for them all. 
I live in Jupiter, Florida, which is about 100 miles west of the Bahamas. We still have the possibility of a hit, even though the models have it turning north, the warning cone still has us in our area. 
I’m going to have to take down my electrical probe from the roof, but I will be keeping the magnetic field up.

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This is no small hurricane, be safe out there and keep us posted.

Last week we had our 2 year anniversary of hurricane Harvey. Being near Conroe TX, we just experienced the rain part and not the flooding.
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I watched a video of lightning strikes inside the eye of Hurricane Dorian. it was quite scary! I’ve read about it that the lightning in the eyewall signify deep convection, meaning that the storm is maintaining or increasing in strength. Recently, research indicates that lightning activity tends to increase right before one of these storms intensifies.

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