System Green for FREE + postage.
(2020-02-12, 21:29)mwaters Wrote:
(2020-02-12, 19:13)readbueno Wrote: Soon to be a "Museum Piece and very collectable?" ;-)

As in no longer supported, I believe. Pretty sure I read that at some point in the not-so-distant future that'll be the case. However, don't take my word for it. Besides, that GPS antenna is worth something.

SalesJam, if you do not already own a System Blue, I'm pretty sure that if that happens then Egon will put Green station users at the top of the shipping list.

Since newer systems are much more sensitive, you might have to remove some turns from your H-field antennas.

Hi Mike, I would think that there will be a bit of life left in the older system, it would seem a bit drastic to effectively switch them off as there is no guarantee that the operators will upgrade them when that happens. 
That said, I do have a system blue here, I'm just putting a nice case together with a PCB back panel for the connections and a vinyl sticker for the front panel. I'm using an old Crestron QM-AE unit box which is a perfect size and very sturdy to go in my comms rack. 
I'm really just trying to re-home the green system for a fraction of the price of the blue, I'm sure that there will be someone that could make some use of it, even though it is technically not supported. As you have pointed out, the GPS receiver and 2x brand new 8" ferrites will have a value of there own.
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