Power via POE Splitter
Has anyone tried powering a System BLUE via a POE (802.3af or 802.3at) splitter?

Since I have a POE capable switching, this seems like a good option to simplify the wiring.


You are probably looking for similar devices.


I had considered the passive PoE injectors myself for when I was planning to move my station.

Just a word of caution on the PoE converters, they may or may not work well, just like some USB power supplies may are may not work well.

I tried a high end audio 5v power supply and the EMI was so bad I could not use it.

You'll have to experiment, see what works.

Please report back how they worked or did not work when you do experiment.
Kevin McCormick KB0UOI
Macomb, IL USA
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I bought a DSLRSKIT PoE to USB (A female) splitter. It's currently very close to the SYSTEM BLUE, I'm waiting on a shielded RJ-45 coupler so I can move it about 3' away with some sheilded Cat 6.

The noise from the P/S is displayed at https://flic.kr/p/2koCqFA and https://flic.kr/p/2koBNzS.

My noise floor seems a bit high (https://flic.kr/p/2koBVXs), but the H-field antenna is just a couple feet away from the System BLUE. I have a length of SFTP cable on order so I can move it to a far corner of the basement.
Jeffrey Honig
Trumansburg, NY  USA
Station: 2872
Jeffery, I would suggest you obtain a baseline using a 'normal' power source so that you have something to compare with when you add the POE, change cables and so on. 

Without a base line you will be flying blind and you will not know if something got worse or improved.

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I have dozens of USB power supplies. Given the cool graphs from the controller I'll have to do a comparison.

All I need is time...
Jeffrey Honig
Trumansburg, NY  USA
Station: 2872
probably, you can add a small stabilized DC-DC bost converter between poe-splitter and blue system..
[Image: 4178719.png]2855
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I've ordered a POE Texas splitter to try to compare.
Jeffrey Honig
Trumansburg, NY  USA
Station: 2872

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