Servers Damaged (Mostly affecting LMO ?)
(2021-04-25, 21:22)mwaters Wrote: Patrick,

Well, that's the best news I've heard since the fire!!! Smile

I think that we have to wait until the server data received on the server that replaced OVH's  is more accurate. Patience, everyone. Wink

Hi mike
I still don't understand how I can have two lines of statistics on the same S2401 detectors and depending on how I connect to my detector s2401 information is either Active with received data or active without data received !!!! (same for the s2783 detector active but no data reception)
  see photo 1 attached
If I connect with the identifiers of my blue s2783 detector, I only have one red detector but no data received .... see photo 2 in attachment

Can someone help me understand this quirk ....


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 FRANCE --- RED S2401---  BLUE S2783
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