Chrome doesn't work as well as Firefox when talking to station
I'm seeing the same problem, in all three major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox).  I've seen the GUI work correctly a couple of times, once in Chrome and once in Firefox, but the vast majority of time it doesn't work.  Strangely, the difference between not working and working appears to be in the "/index.cgi?action=status" HTML file that's loaded from the device firmware.  When the GUI is broken, the HTML has this on line 9:

var load_script="";

When the GUI works, the HTML has this on line 9:

var load_script="";

What's the difference between those two URLs?  Well, the script file at does NOT include JQuery, which breaks the site, while the script file at DOES include JQuery, which makes the site work.  So how the heck does the device usually serve up the broken URL but very occasionally the other, working, URL?  I have no idea.  It doesn't appear to be related to cookies or anything, as totally clearing all site data doesn't appear to affect it.

You can see the difference in the content of the two URLs if you just navigate to vs. in your browser.
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