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I don't see why the Hobbyist side of things would be an issue. We are already going through the hassle of building and installing stations. So for each station we install, the more sensing we do the better off everybody is.
We win b/c we offer a better product to the people who let us install sensors on their land and the community wins b/c there are more sensors out there.

I guess the misconception is that while we are a business that needs to make money to stay alive; we are a very small business with people that want to do cool things and adding sensors to measure lightning definitely sounds cool.

Let me know what you think


(2021-06-23, 14:34)jbungener Wrote: Hello,

My name is Jim Bungener, I work for a weather forecasting website called
We would like to add your Lightning sensors to our package so that we measure more then just wind.

Who should I get in touch with to discuss how we should make this happen.

Thank you

It may be that there is some misunderstanding regarding what the Blitzortung  project actually is. This is a 'hobbyist' network, not an authoritive, certified network. Nor is it to be affiliated with any commercial interests.
I would suggest a review of the project description and the disclaimer page.

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