French NGOs Pyronear & Data For Good to explore Blitzortung data to help firefighters
Hi there,

I am part of Pyronear, a non-profit NGO whose objective is to democratize open and low-tech solutions for fighting wildfires, for the benefit of the ecosystems and the citizens.

As a team of volunteers, we are currently working with another french NGO DataForGood in order to explore the possibility to help firefighters better manage wildfires that can start after a lightning strike.

The underlying idea is to help firefighters to specifically monitor zones that have been hit by lightning, by identifying these zones and directing their surveillance camera on these spots.

In order to do so, we would like to know if you could share access to your data services ? (in the end we would need near real time, but we can start to play and understand data structure etc with historical data)

Also, our project does not represent commercial interests and is open source by design.

Thank a lot for your response,
Best regards

To answer your questions about access to real-time data, you can access the web page at the following address:
Access is completely free and does not require a special account. Only network participants have access to Blitzortung
The web interface can be configured via the horizontal button with the 3-line icon at the top left.
Access is free because Blitzortung is a personal detector network linked to a global community network.
Regarding personal achievement: the use and distribution must not be used for the prevention of risks to property and people. Each detector has the same interface classified in 3 colors,
Green - old generation detector practically no longer used
Red - most recent generation of detectors and widely used in Europe.
Blue - latest generation of detector and used worldwide.
Best regard.
 FRANCE --- RED S2401---  BLUE S2783
Stations: 2401, 2783

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