Firmware 10 on System Red PCB 10.5 - firmware bug ???

I installed the new firmware on my PCB 10.5 controller for System red. The PCB was manufactured according to schematic and Eagle-File:

The firmware did not work properly as the PCB-ID was not detectected correctly. It turned out that PCB 10.5 has a different coding then described.

Description according to the hardware reference in TablePCB Controller Ids: 

Id PCB System PD10 PD11 PD3 PD1 Offset
2 10.5   RED      -        +        -       -      0

but it turned out that actually Coding of PCB 10.4 and PCB 10.5 is different, PCB10.5 has the following coding:
Id PCB System PD10 PD11 PD3 PD1 Offset
? 10.5  RED      +        +        -       -       0

this can also be seen in the schematic of PCB 10.5,  so PD10 has a high level +5V  instead of GND like PCB 10.4.

I did cut off pin PD10 from the controller-board and now all is working; PCB 10.5 is detected as PCB10.4 now

... but it seems that there is a firmware bug in 10 RED ???? This potentially could affect several stations, as station list has decreased since new firmware is out

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