Issues With Internet Explorer Not Showing Me Active & Current Lightning Strikes?
(2014-09-08, 05:29)AR_aus Wrote: I'll have a shot at this. uses a relatively new technology called WebSockets to transmit the live data. Websockets however is not supported until IE10 (see This is fairly typical with IE being a few years behind supporting newer web technology compared to other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

I assume the reason uses Websockets is because it is much faster and much more efficient than doing things the old way which was to have every client poll the webserver every 5 seconds to check for new data.

Hence, if you wish to view the site then you're either going to have to upgrade to at least IE10 or change browsers.

Note: I have nothing to do with I am just inferring this from looking at the code

@ Ar_aus:

Hello. Nice to meet you!

Thank you. So I was using a version of the IE web browser that was JUST pre-compatible with this interactive map.

So it was the lack of this new technology that was causing the issues.

Thank you very much!

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