Meaning of [L], [P], [S] or [ L P]
As a newbie I'm wondering what the meaning is for the letters that are appearing on the live signals page.

When a stroke is received letters are added : L, P, S or L P.

Can somebody tell me the meaning of those letters?


Frank Veldhuijsen
Holding your mouse over tels you what they means
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(2014-09-08, 21:12)RichoAnd Wrote: Holding your mouse over tels you what they means
Big Grin
Richo, if his browser and interface is like mine, it may change too fast to display with mouseover... Lightning
But I totally agree... sometimes folks may be a bit fast posting a question before searching the various forums
and project documentation for things previously answered.... and answered... and answered....

L = Signal is below the threshold
P = Signal is below threshold * adjustable percentage
S = Spike detected
M = Amplitude too high
A = Automatic filter by amplitude

Now it's up the them to figure out what all that means.... Big Grin


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It was more because I could not remember them all Smile
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