Looking to setup station in South Africa
(2015-06-19, 07:38)Knickohr Wrote: You sending a lot of disturbers :

Whats this ?  An electric fence ?


Hi Thomas,
Not sure what that is.
I actually have much larger disturbers as well. I'll try turn down the gain manually - let's see what happens, my station might go totally quiet then Undecided
If I don't have too much success with this station I could consider installation at another location down in the Eastern Cape along the coast, I might have better success down there...
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That doesn't help !

You only separate the disturbers, not the strokes Wink

Try to locate it, try shielding the ferrite. Try to find a sweet spot, maybe rotating the antennas work.

First station in Namibia (Southern Africa), look at #1305 !
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(2015-06-19, 07:38)Knickohr Wrote: Whats this ?  An electric fence ?


Since both singals are in phase and in the same polarisation, possibly it's coming via the power supply / mains. You can turn one antenna 180°. If it persists, you need to put a choke between the controller and the psu.
I had the same problem here, my 230V-line is very noisy and the PSU does not decouple these frequencies.
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(2014-12-05, 07:37)rogerpaulthompson Wrote: Hi all,

I'm interested in setting up a station in South Africa and wondered if there are any other potential users out there in South Africa looking to setup a station.

I am located in Pretoria at approximately -25.849041°, 28.228571° and am looking to hear from you !


Hi Roger

I am Louw and would like to do the same. I am in Port Elizabeth. I have tried to get one of the new green I think its called receivers but
haven't heard a thing from them. I would like to hear from you if you get info from them.

Louw. If you want to contact me use this e-mail:ferreirasl@telkomsa.net

I have a pre-assembled system Red for sale to any South African. Includes both amplifiers and an H-field antenna.
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(2016-03-01, 13:38)Jacquesvw Wrote: Hi,

I have a pre-assembled system Red for sale to any South African. Includes both amplifiers and an H-field antenna.

Hi Jacques.

Sure, Ill take it. I'll PM you ...

Stations: 1352

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