Looking to setup station in South Africa

my airplane goes on Thursday morning, will arrive same day very late. Installation of the station is planned on Saturday. Hope all is OK, because there is 180km no distributor or other shopping market.

No, it's an guest farm for astronomers, they do no science. It's a cattle & cow farm, a typical Namibian farm. The only special thing is that this farm serves some hobby astronomers to do their hobby in wintertime (April to September). Look at http://www.tivoli-astrofarm.de

Updates here : http://forum.blitzortung.org/showthread.php?tid=1216

Yes, I think the nearest stations from Europe (8000km ???) will be used. It's planned to build up 4 more stations in South Africa. Some Kits are on the way, I hope stations will go online in a few weeks. Look at Roger (thread starter), he plans a station at Pretoria. Thats perfect, "only" 1000km away. But it's not enough, we need at least 2 stations more.

First station in Namibia (Southern Africa), look at #1305 !
Stations: 1006, 1305

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