Looking to setup station in South Africa
(2015-04-29, 06:13)rogerpaulthompson Wrote: In many ways, this is still deepest, darkest, Africa with expensive, intermittent connectivity. :-) Even us guys on adsl have continuous intermittent loss of connection.

Out of interest Jacques, what sort of bandwidth has your station uploaded since it came online 16.04 ?

If it's not Eskom "load-shedding" it's our internet, what a mess this place has become. I was struggling too much with broken connections when I still had 3G at home, so I decided to get Satellite and it's super reliable. Only drawback is the high latency, 800ms to 1200ms sometimes.

My station hasn't been running continuously from the 16th, but in the one and a half days it were running it used about 1Gb and over a month that will become very pricy as a 20Gb bundle goes for R999 I believe. However, now that I've lowered the gains it's much better and it's still detecting strikes in Southern Africa and that is all the range I wanted anyway. It's doing no good detecting European strikes, because there are plenty of stations anyway.
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