Looking to setup station in South Africa
We don't need to detect European strikes. We only have to detect these valuable African strikes !

Yes Jacques, you lower the sensitivity of your station. This is good. Until there are not more stations in Africa, we must live with these heavy strikes in Africa, which are detected from European stations too. If I look at my signals, yours too, I see we are detecting a lot of strikes, but they're going to /dev/null Sad

Hope, 2 more station in Southern Africa will become online as soon as possible. So maybe the developers are available to build an own region for Africa. I think, if this happens and there are at least 4 station in Africa, we will detect much more strikes as in Europe. Africa, specially the equatorial belt is the most lightning area all over the world.

Yes, data traffic (upload) for BO is about 500MB per day !

OK, fixed my "internet connection problem". I build an software watchdog, which pings every 10 minutes the IP address of Google. If ping is unsuccessful, I reboot the WiMax modem. Works since yesterday, hope it will perform well.

First station in Namibia (Southern Africa), look at #1305 !
Stations: 1006, 1305

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