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  new user cant find web interface
Posted by: opadavis - Yesterday, 14:01 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (2)

Got my case yesterday (very nice) and soldered in the LEDs. Followed the Instructions (as they were on July 25) and upgraded the firmware via DfuSe. It displayed " target 00: Upgrade successful !"  The Instructions say that I should now be able to access web interface - - - - - and I say how do I do that?

I powered the board by a 2A USB supply, connected the Ethernet port to my WIFI modem (light flashing at board connector), connected GPS antenna, no lightning antenna yet. After reset and a few flashes and beeps, the Power, Mode, and Network lights are ON; the GPS light flashes; the Signal light flashed twice (I assume due to stray RF pickup).

I was amazed to see a station icon appear on the map near my town. So I think things are working, - - - - but please help me find my web interface?


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  blue system schematic
Posted by: mirancek - Yesterday, 11:30 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (2)

Where can I found the schematic and partlist of the blue system ?

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  Interested in setting up a station - Questions
Posted by: Ristake - 2017-07-25, 09:39 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hey, so I came upon http://www.lightningmaps.org while browsing reddit today and I'm interested in setting up a station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I just moved to a new apartment (still moving in) that would make an excellent location (west Winnipeg, west facing balacony) for a station. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWP6zkXF4KC/...by=ristake
I'm on the top floor and the building is wood, new construction. The only nearby metal would be the balcony railing which would be the ideal mounting point for it due to the small space. 

This location often sees the heaviest rain in the city. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/w...-1.1329480
If I remember correctly, that neighbourhood got hit with 80mm of rain in an hour or two. Sadly I was still living with my parents in the south-east. I had set up in the garage with some chairs and a beer I was anticipating a good storm to watch and got a light drizzle! 

I wasn't able to find a tutorial laying out what is required to volunteer to operate a station so I have few questions before I pull the trigger.


1. Time commitment: set up and continued operation
2. Initial and upkeep costs for a station 
3. Other equipment required?  

I haven't done any soldering or programming since high school so it's been nearly a decade however I am fascinated by thunderstorms and severe weather in general and learning new things is always fun. If this hobby pans out I'd eventually want to set up an HD camera to record/stream thunderstorms rolling in


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  Export regulations
Posted by: micha.d - 2017-07-24, 21:15 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi Members,

I'm new and want to find out if there is any experience with export regulations. I'm thinking about building up a system and shipping it afterwards to friends in India that are doing hard to assemble a divice but would be able to operate it. Is it possible to export a device e.g. to india easily? Are the parts or the complete product "safe" or will it be treated as a critical device and blocked at the customs?

Any info is appreciated.


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  Another New Site Review.
Posted by: Phil23 - 2017-07-23, 08:52 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

Hi All,

New Station installation completed a few hours ago & looking forward to feedback.

E-Field went in yesterday, about 150mm from memory.

First attempt at making a H-Field was completed a couple of hours ago.

To get started I make a 4 turn Moebius Loop with RG6 Coax.
It's just hanging in the outdoor area ATM & plan to re-site everything later in the week.
Right now the GPS is  shaded by a double iron roof.

Don't mind the idea of building another, better H-Field, but at least it's going now.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




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  home made ferrite antennas
Posted by: opadavis - 2017-07-22, 00:53 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (10)

We are advised not to make our own ferrite antennas. How hard can it be? I ordered two of 20 cm manganese zinc ferrite rods from China at
$7 each. I gather that we should wind the core with one diameter spacing along the whole length for minimum inductance and maximum Q. The only missing information is wire gauge. Anyone have advise?

Peter from High River, Alberta, Canada

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  Signal review for a new station (Ireland #1920)
Posted by: kay0ss - 2017-07-20, 12:12 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I would like to follow SunExpress's example and request a single review review for a new set-up.  All the Best Jonathan

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  Reactivating an old Green PCB 6.8 USB - troubles
Posted by: Alexandre.Costa - 2017-07-18, 18:05 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (8)


I am trying to reactivate an old Green PCB 6.8 USB, but i am having some troubles.

I have all connected well (i suppose), but when i connect the tracker ( PCB 6.8 V6), i get the RS232 green, the password verified and green also, but then, in the receiver, it stays Red and says No Data.

Could it be the GPS malfuction? Some Baud Rate problems? 

help me please! Smile

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  Newly assembled System Blue problems
Posted by: bogdan - 2017-07-15, 20:52 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (16)

Hi all,

I received my System Blue kit earlier this week and I assembled it today. However, upon supplying power to the unit I hear some repeating beeps from the buzzer and I cannot access the web interface. I tried re-flash the firmware using DfuSe and although the procedure went smoothly, the behaviour is still the same.

In the interest of clarity, I made a short video:


In the video the board was powered by my laptop and the network cable was connected directly to the laptop. As you can see in the video, trying to ping (which I understand is the default when no DHCP server is available to issue an IP address) failed and the LAN connection briefly becomes active before showing "Network cable unplugged" again.

Any advice?



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  Live Data Access
Posted by: mlohr - 2017-07-10, 14:03 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)


I'm thinking about an Android app showing the live flashes on a map (like lightningmaps.org, but this site performs very slow at mobile devices). The only app I found shows average values per area, but no live view... so i decided to join the project (registered for interested in a device) and build an own android app showing live information. But i'm far down in the list, so is there any possibility to get live data without having a own station running at the moment? I need only "one" feed, the data distribution to the android devices would be managed from one of my servers to keep the load of the main network low.

Any ideas/proposals about that?

Best regards

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