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  techical details, proceedures, data formats
Posted by: davidsaroff - 2017-07-09, 11:40 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

The Square Kilometer Array South Africa (SKASA) MeerKat engineering group is planning to have an array of blue stations hosted at sites in South Africa. The African Institute for Mathematical Studies in Capetown, South Africa is the first committed site. We will be discussing locations for additional sites, and technical details of the Blitzortung network in a meeting at the Pinelands, South Africa offices on Wednesday July  11th. A page describing the Square Kilometer Array is here:


What is the right way to get technical information?  We have these sorts of questions:

What is the testing procedure for a newly constructed blue?
Does the blue serve a web page, and how is it seen?
How do we register new blue stations?
How do we provide IP addresses for the return lightning location solution data stream?
How do we indicate SKASA server IP addresses so we can program our own solution algorithms?
What are the data formats of the data streams?

Are there engineers among the participant community who would be willing to skype with us to answer these sorts of questions in real time?

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  no connection
Posted by: ropske - 2017-07-06, 17:53 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)


i have a system blue up and running and its connected to the internet.   
But when i enter its ip-address in MS Edge/Firefox/Internet explorer

I just get an empty page, it worked before (3months ago)

Nothing has been done at the station.
I can ping it, and its visible on my network, but i cant access the page.

Did i forgot something? You need to add a port?

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  No map in Firefox browser - solved in post #6
Posted by: A1944 - 2017-07-06, 17:30 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (7)

Can anyone come up with an idea as to why I am not getting the map when using http://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en ?
I am also missing the small map in the left margin.

I am using Firefox 54.0.1 (64 bit) in a Win 8.1 laptop.    I have the Adblocker disabled on this site.

I am not aware of any problems with any other sites.

The maps work OK in IE and Comodo Dragon (a Firefox offshoot), neither of which I use with any regularity.

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  Station 1888 near Bear Creek NC Online
Posted by: Nekota - 2017-07-03, 12:16 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Greetings and I'm pleased to have a station 19.3 online and reporting data. It's still in setup and testing while I try to learn the behaviour of the system and the local noise.  I have 2 of 3 ferrites (stock models) attached in horizontal planar at 90 degrees (A & C with B disabled). On each of the ferrites one of the leads has a loop knot suggesting a polarity so I am wiring all the ferrites with respect to that polarity.  The E field channel is using the probe PCB antenna and is disabled due to large signal pulse every second. I suspect the local electric fence charger is responsible for that noise. I have installed the board into the aluminum case and have not wired up the external switch so power is applied with plug. The LEDs show some testing on power up and after about a minute or two the GPS LED begins to flash and signal LED with audio clicks can be heard. 

Plans : I will attach the third ferrite perpendicular to the planar to form a box xyz corner or Y configuration. I plan to remote this box and antennas about 1000 feet from the setup location and need to have a very stable system.

About me : I retired from hard drive R&D a couple of years ago where I designed testing methods for asperities on the disk surface. One of the problem areas is ESD so there are some sensors that attempt to measure voltage and H fields but the E field signal is small and H field signals are huge so seeing these signals from distant lightning strikes brings back those struggles.  I also built much of my test equipment and develop software (MATLAB) and python to make measurements. Now I am back  to NC where  I grew up and still want to measure stuff with Raspberry Pi and this blitzortung blue is interesting tool for LF noise analysis.

Issues : I do have a problem that I have searched for and either my search keys or the subject hasn't been discussed.  After I have made changes to the preamp settings (Normal/Disable/Don't send) the system will startup and run for about 5 minutes and then the buzzer goes on solid for a couple of seconds and the system http page freezes. The power, mode, network and fault LEDs are steady but GPS, alarm, and signal are off and the system seems to be locked up. Since it's in a case, the push button switches are not accessible so reset is done with power cable cycle.   After reset with power, the system operates for hours doesn't show any error messages on the debug screen.  I do see the local control changing the gains and some remote messages about overall gain of 6400 and thresholds of 100. Any suggestions from others experience would be helpful.

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  Downloading archive data not working
Posted by: Philip.Gladstone - 2017-07-01, 19:30 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

A big storm blew through here last night (and the barn opposite me was set alight as a result of a tree being hit by lightning). I wanted to see how close the network got to spotting this cloud-ground stroke.

I went to http://en.blitzortung.org/archive_data.p...w_result=1 and it gave me a choice of files to download. The CSV worked, but the OSM and the KML files did not seem useful -- it particular, the KML file was empty. 

From the CSV file, the stroke was reported at the right time and the offset was 4,500 ft.

I also wanted to see information about the stroke, so I did the following search:


but, although it said that five strokes were found, I couldn't actually see them being plotted to click on them.

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Exclamation Latest signal frozen
Posted by: EA3BNF - 2017-07-01, 18:51 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (7)

Hi all,

Why the latest signal chart of my station is frozen?. Anybody could confirm this issue in the link below?. Thanks.

Latest signal

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  Housing system blue
Posted by: ade - 2017-06-30, 19:22 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

I want to host antennas on rooftop of 12 stages house in centre of city. A main board will be placed in my apartment, so i can connect lan cable to the amplifier but i can't connect gps antenna for full time. Can i solve this gps problem? For example connect antenna for 15 minutes, receive gps signal and then disconnect antenna? 

How good is decision to host system blue in city centre on big building?

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  Email and PM in forum not working?
Posted by: MicDK - 2017-06-30, 11:23 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hi forum.

I'm new here, trying to send an PM (email) to another user, but the forum keeps saying that its not allowed?

Does my account still need some kind of activation besides the activation email? I'm trying to get in contact with a specific member.

Best regards

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  Lightning visible, thunder heard, but nothing on map
Posted by: Philip.Gladstone - 2017-06-28, 01:08 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

I've noticed that many times when a thunderstorm moves through, I will see the lightning, hear the thunder (upto 15 seconds later -- i.e. lightning was with 3 miles), but nothing shows up on the map. 10-20 miles away there can be strokes plotted.... so there is a sufficient density of stations around me.

I read elsewhere that cloud-cloud strokes are difficult to detect, but is that really the explanation here?

I'd love to be able to watch the map and the expanding sound front and have it be right!


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  lan problem
Posted by: ohifra - 2017-06-26, 20:52 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Good evening, for a few hours, lan's LED started to blink slowly and I can not access the administration page any more.
The power LED is on, the led mode is on, the network flashes, the gps flashes
What can I do
Please help me
Thanks in advance

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