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  Registered, but faaarrrrr down the list
Posted by: MarcDek - 2017-06-06, 12:51 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi all,

Have you, per chance, considered a map showing areas of interest?

I've just indicated my interest in a receiver (I want to put together the whole shebang), but it might (at rank 2347) be years before I'll reach the "interested" point. I can fully understand if you have an area flooded with receivers that it will prove of no further value getting another, but there is nothing on the site (that I found) to indicate whether there is value in registering interest.

(Milton Keynes, UK)

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  PCB 21
Posted by: MonkeeRench - 2017-06-04, 20:56 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (3)

If the improved voltage regulator PCB 21 is now necessary for System Blue, where does one obtain the PCB 21 board -- or does one need to build it from scratch?

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  MOBIUS cross loop antenna
Posted by: radiofarol - 2017-06-03, 18:46 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - No Replies

Hi all
I`m a new participant and I had running the system blue, first with two 200mm indoor rod ferrite antenna, that later I changed to MOBIUS cross loop. The system seems working very well with ferrite antennas, but it pickup strong noise from switching power supply in my house and Neighbors (I live in an apartment), especially from cell phone chargers. So I build a cross MOBIUS loop with coaxial cable HELIAX 3/8", with PL 259 connectores, and respective SO panel connector. I used a square metal box for coaxial connectors, that shunt all shields in the point oposite to the inverter connections of the coaxial cable. I had run this antenna for some days, and it working great, with much lower noise and more directivity that give the possibility of optimizing the noise floor. With this "shield shunted" MOBIUS cross loop I was able to detect lightning at 6600Km. I read about MOBIUS and I always saw that the shields were not interconnected. So, I decided buil a new "shield isolated" MOBIUS cross loop and test again. I was desapointed, because the noise go up and the directivity drop. I tested this "isolated loops" by a pair of days, and the detection drop a lot. Again, I returned to the "Shield shunted" cross loop, and the detections ratio was go up again. I use a gray color toroid transformer with 50 turns of 0.25 isolated wire.  Has someone  done other tests with MOBIUS cross loop?

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Lightbulb SMD Soldiering
Posted by: kevinmcc - 2017-06-02, 02:47 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

For those considering adding filters, here is a good guide to SMD soldiering.


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  Arduino and project.
Posted by: jorj-2007 - 2017-05-31, 14:21 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (4)

Good day to all! Question about using Arduino in the project. Maybe someone has had this problem? I think that in this case the project can be more widely distributed.

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  System green still usable
Posted by: RobertKi - 2017-05-30, 21:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

found by incident my old System green and am wondering if it still can participate the Network. Thought of reactivating it via Serial tracker app.
Would be great to know if the Hardware can be work in future again.
thanks in advance for your Response,

br Robert, Station 560

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  Downtimes of lightningmaps.org
Posted by: OliverGF - 2017-05-30, 09:08 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Hello everybody,

it seems like there have been a few downtimes of lightningmaps.org in the last days.
Is the root cause for this known? Is it possible to support the team if its a server ressource etc. problem?

Kind regards

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  Spannung CPU
Posted by: SilvioSc - 2017-05-30, 07:20 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (3)

Hallo alle, kann sein das ich das Problem überlesen habe.

Station 1564 FW 8.2 PCB 19.3/H0/E0

Bei mir schwankt die Spannung der CPU von 3.25V bis teilweise 3.50V.


Ist das so normal? Meine Red hält die Spannung sauber bei 2.95V

Gruß Silvio.

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  Interference Mode
Posted by: BlackRockShooter - 2017-05-29, 21:28 - Forum: Non-English - No Replies

Hallo Leute,
seit gestern springt meine Station Blue immer ab ca 23 Uhr regelmäßig in den interference modus.
Im moment läuft sie auf Automatik. Es ist einfach nur komisch, dass ich bis jetzt nie etwas hatte und plötzlich springt sie gestern und heute zur selben zeit in den interference modus und wieder zurück. dies dauert dann ca 1h und dann ist alles wieder wie vorher.
durch etwas rum probieren, konnte ich auch feststellen, dass es eine der drei h feld antennen auslöst. wenn ich diese deaktiviere, dann ist springt sie nicht mehr in den modus.
warum empfängt nur eine der 3 antennen plötzlich so massig viele signale?

ist das jetzt einfach nur ein zufall? oder liegt es an der hohen blitzdichte, die wir gestern und heute nacht haben?
ich bin echt verwirrt Dodgy


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  System blue web page fails
Posted by: EA3BNF - 2017-05-28, 19:49 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Hi all,

after power on it seems all OK (mode & Networks leds on, beeps) but I cannot connect to the internal web page and I don't get any ping response. It's seems that the System blue is on different subnet than my PC. I do not know if this is true (No AV no firewall activated on my PC)

I have read similar issues in the forum but I'm not sure that there are solutions. Any ideas?

I don't yet have the GPS antenna. Is this related to the web issue?

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