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  System Blue !!!
Posted by: KraftDie - 2017-05-14, 10:59 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (8)

Hallo zusammen

Ich hab mal eine frage zum thema Blue?? Gibt es eine Möglichkeit an ein fertig aufgebautes System inklusive Gehäuse zu kommen, meine lötkünste sind definitv für sowas nicht geeignet  Big Grin  Tongue Big Grin Tongue   
Vielleicht hat jemand'nen Tipp wäre echt superklasse....
Aktuell läuft meine RED zwar ganz gut hab aber irgendwie bedenken das ich mal zum alten eisen gehöre.....

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  Iranian and Farsi speakers, please post here (in English)
Posted by: Kellogs - 2017-05-14, 10:48 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

This is a dedicated forum post here for people from IRAN.
When they are enough users, we will open a direct link to website/forum in farsi.


In reply to:

Thank you Nodi for contacting us.
This was my post on RIPE forum, thanks for catching it.

This is great to have you on the forum and discuss about lightning detection in your country.

I double-checked and restrictions from E.U. to Iran are over:

Please make sure there are no restrictions with customs while importing (on Iranian side) and try to look "in advance".
About Iran, keep in mind that there should be at least 4 stations in the country. After installing first station, we encourage you  to help installation of other stations to go quickly. It is discouraging for people to see a station running during years without success. We encourage you to start a small web page and try to aggregate people around you and maybe research institutes. After 3 or more people register, we can link to your forum or webpage. Use Facebook or equivalent and try to create a small group of interested people

I am rather new on the forum, but I read that Egon had hardware in stock for empty zones.
Maybe he we pick-up your request ... I am not in his shoes.

Welcome on board anyway.

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  Wikipedia page (minimal)
Posted by: Kellogs - 2017-05-13, 07:14 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Dear friends,

I added a minimal Wikipedia page, which is presently under review:

If / When research institutes query the WWW, they will probably look at a Wikipedia page.
Please note I am not a wikipedia editor, so if you feel something should be added to the Wikipedia page, feel free to add it.

Kind regards,

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  Definition of a good noise-free site for BlitzOrtung probe
Posted by: Kellogs - 2017-05-12, 22:38 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

From my understanding, the probe should be at least 10 meters away from any electrical equipment.
I am planning to put the probe on top of an old building.

My site is on the French country side, in a very rural area, but :
* I don't have a clear view on sky, because of a small hill. Does it matter?
* I can view a 4G mobile phone emitter, 5 kilometers away. Will it spoof the probe?

Kind regards,

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  Device security (against hacking)
Posted by: Kellogs - 2017-05-12, 22:30 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (6)

Dear Friends,

Just a stupid question about network security before ordering a probe:

Did you implement network security against hacking the firmware?
Is firmware publicly available and Free software?

Kind regards,

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  Collaboration around the world with GNNS ground based stations
Posted by: Kellogs - 2017-05-12, 20:22 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Dear Friends,

I am new here and first and I would like to congratulate you for the BlitzOrtung project. There was lightning in my area in France and I just discovered the project using Android BlitzOrtung project. It is great to see such a well-organized community project.

So my question is as follows: there are Billions of euros lost in lightning every year. Still, a large number of areas are not covered by BlitzOrtung around the world.

There are similarities with other projects. For example ground based GPS (GNNS) and differential GPS (RTK). Differential GPS are precise GPS stations providing positioning data. Some GNSS stations are located remotely in noise-free areas all around the world. And all of them have Internet access. Most of them are run by scientists, for example in observatories or meteorological labs.

Maybe ground GNSS stations would be interested to host a BlitzOrtung receiver. GNSS stations are usually organized in communities. So we know the precise positioning of each station.

Here is a partial map. In fact, there are way more of them:

[Image: Veripos-network.jpg]

Here is a list of station networks that could become partners:

EUREF Permanent GNSS Network
Based in Belgium. 
All network is extreme quality.

In 2015, Africa had 54 ground-based GNNS stations:

Brasil: IBGE Brasil
Brasil map for GNNS with hundreds of receivers (I guess so, but I don't speak Brasilian):

French Guyana
Think about IGN or Arianespace.

Glonass stations (not official list)
or from ESA:

Do you think it would be valuable to list all possible GNNS stations worldwide and try to contact them? Some of them should have direct interest to install a BlitzOrtung detector, just for safety of equipment and protection against lightning.

Maybe this was discussed before, but what would be the perfect grid for precision reception?
Can you describe it? How many sites would you need in South America and Africa?

Kind regards,
Kellogs (Jean-Michel P., France)

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  Noise hunting
Posted by: tkerby - 2017-05-07, 21:32 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (3)

I'm finding I'm getting exactly 100 triggers per second on the H field antenna and I think it's down to house wiring as turning it so that it's 45 degrees off parallel with the x and y axis of my house reduces the noise. The auto amplitude filter is effective and cancelling out +/-47 and +/- 141mV

Antenna is a coaxial möbius with a 50 turn transformer. Settings below. Any thoughts?

  • ModeAutomaticNoise AdaptionAmplitude Filter
  • SignalsReceived: 396404, Good: 14969, Sent: 13692
  • Signal RateLast second: 100, Last 60s: 99.6
  • ErrorsNo GPS: 0, Overflow: 0
  • StatusNormal
  • Server , Region 1
    10.6MByte, 3% Compr., 13692 Packets, 812Bytes each

[Image: new.png]
Amplifier 1 - H0[Image: edit.png]
  • Channel A
    • Trigger-37mV/91mV, reached 20 times in last 15m, 54s

    • Gains10 * 10 * 40 = Total Gain 4000 | Relative Gain 6349 (99%)

    • Noise47mVpp

    • Lowpass Filter30.5kHz

    • Auto Ampl.Filter amplitudes around 47mV

Amplifier 2 - E0[Image: edit.png]
  • Channel A
    • Trigger-44mV/82mV, reached 95291 times in last 15m, 54s

    • Gains10 * 10 * 40 = Total Gain 4000 | Relative Gain 6349 (99%)

    • Noise35mVpp

    • Lowpass Filter30.5kHz

    • Auto Ampl.Filter amplitudes around -141, -47, 141mV

[Image: new.png][Image: edit.png]
  • Sampling per InputResolution: 12bits, Period: 666ns = 500.0kSPS, Time: 2000ns
  • ADC1
    • Input1Amp-Channel 3 , Offset 27mV, no Trigger

    • Input2Amp-Channel 4 , Offset 19mV, Trigger -63mV/63mV
  • ADC2
    • Input1Amp-Channel 2 , Offset 24mV, Trigger 0mV/0mV

    • Input2Amp-Channel 3 , Offset 27mV, no Trigger
  • ADC3
    • Input1Amp-Channel 1 , Offset 27mV, Trigger -64mV/64mV

    • Input2Amp-Channel 2 , Offset -169mV, no Trigger

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  Questions. Mountains and Antennas
Posted by: Mike6158 - 2017-05-05, 13:04 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (4)

Antennas- My Blue seems to be working great but I was wondering if I should be using the E-field antenna with the H-Field antenna. At the moment all I use is the H-Field.

Mountains- I may be moving to Durango, CO in a few months (current system will remain here if I can get another Blue). Do mountains pose a problem for receiving signals?

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  Web Page Real-Time Updates
Posted by: jkrob - 2017-05-04, 17:01 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (6)


New to the forum but long time user of the Lightningmaps.org website. I have noticed, where I work, the lightningmaps.org page will show dynamic, real-time updates of flashes but the en.blitzortung.org page does not. It only does a full page refresh every minute. Are there different internet data flow requirements (firewall access, PC/browser setup, etc.) between the two pages? What does it take to make the en.blitzortung.org show real-time flashes like it does at my home PC?

Thanks in advance,

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  thanks for the project
Posted by: bobby mcconnell - 2017-04-30, 17:04 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Thank you for the project.  I have a sensitive 11yr old daughter that has been both fascinated with weather and astronomy.  The live maps have helped her understand and feel more secure when storms run through our area. We have used the live map on the tv via chromecast to keep an eye on when things are getting close so they are not as much as a surprise.  

Its a really neat way of "seeing" the lightning via RF and triangulation.  It some what ties into the idea of how geocaching works so it was easier for her to understand. 

She would like to become a contributor to the network even though she fully understands our lone detector would not be a huge advantage to us as an individual but would make the network better in our area. 

Keep up the good work.

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