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  Hurricane Harvey
Posted by: pasense - 2017-08-25, 08:46 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (2)

Hurricane Harvey is showing strong lightning activity in at least two bands in its north-eastern quadrant. Thunderstorm activity is usually associated with a strengthening of the cyclone, so Harvey may even become a strength 3 hurricane.
Last year's hurricane Matthew produced a large number of sprites during such a phase, indicating very strong positive lightning.

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  Station Status
Posted by: bradld - 2017-08-23, 20:04 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (5)

Just curious how anyone might be monitoring station status, i.e. is anyone monitoring somehow when a station goes offline, stops reporting or has no stroke count.  I kindly received a message from a fellow user yesterday that my station was online but was not reporting strokes.  Without that I would not have known as I do not always check my station info web page.  I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on this topic - including (hopefully) cost free solutions.



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  Custom map?
Posted by: Cyril Jaouich - 2017-08-22, 20:09 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (1)

Hi, is it possible to overlay the lightning strikes on a custom map?

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  Remarkable Conditions Today?
Posted by: N0BGS - 2017-08-21, 20:46 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Look at the Lightningmaps.org site today.  Amazing.  

Strikes from the central US are being detected at stations in Japan and even Australia and all over the world. Strikes in Central Europe are being received in the US. 

Being new to this perhaps this happens commonly but I've never seen it before.

Must be the eclipse   Rolleyes


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Question Determining lightning polarity (positive or negative) by raw signal processing?
Posted by: ThunderStorm - 2017-08-20, 17:12 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (20)

Hello, my name is Oana Liviu from Romania and I am currently operating the station number: 951 from Resita, Romania (system RED).

It is well known that if you use two perpendicular antennas, if you position them to N-S/W-E and you wire them correctly, you can get an estimate of the direction of the strike by processing the raw signal data (see attached image). This can be acheived by calculating the arctangent of the ratio between the signals coming from each antenna among some other calculations.

Let's say that one is able to determine a relatively correct direction of the signal.

My question is: if the calculated direction by the means posted above is somewhat the opposite of the real direction (the strike is located to the south-west, but the calculation yields a north-east direction), that means that that strike have a positive polarity? Considering the calculations have been correctly done?

I am considering some experiments based on this and I want to know if I'm heading in the right "direction".

Thanks Wink

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  Square not showing earlier strikes
Posted by: RonnyKrijt - 2017-08-19, 20:41 - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

When looking at the Lake Garda area in Italy, a square of 'old strikes' are missing. The new strikes are showing as yellow dots, but older ones, like in other areas are showing.

URL to see is: https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=nl#y...;dl=2;dc=0;

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  Activated, but not visible on maps
Posted by: SteveQlQ - 2017-08-18, 13:15 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (27)

Hello all, I just completed my Blue and the ferrite antennas yesterday. Everything appears to be working correctly, but I do not show up on the maps. Rather than re-invent the wheel, is there a post or file that describes troubleshooting for a noob? I see all the graphs, I believe I have the settings correct, but even though the "signal" light goes on occasionally, I am not appearing on the map or under the station list.

Thanks in advance for your patience.

Steve       Huh

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  NTP-сервер из System Blue
Posted by: flytux - 2017-08-14, 14:15 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (4)

Уважаемые участники, сегодня заказал данный аппарат. Естественно, в руках еще не держал.
Хочу сделать NTP-сервер stratum-1.
Есть ли возможность снимать параллельно данные GPS-времени (NMEA или 1PPS) не мешая основной работе коробки по назначению?

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  Compatible System Blue Optional SMA Connectors
Posted by: KY5G - 2017-08-14, 07:16 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (11)

EDIT: I'm changing the purpose of this thread to become a list of SMA connectors reported to work with System Blue main board.  Please submit your full info for part and source as post to this thread.  Thanks!

TE Connectivity Part# 5-1814832-1 / Farnell Part# 1248990 / Newark Part# 13M4002  --- Description:  "5-1814832-1 -  RF / Coaxial Connector, SMA Coaxial, Straight Jack, Solder, 50 ohm, Beryllium Copper:"
-- Reported by "allsorts" and "Andrew.Instone-Cowie"

Original Post:

So, no idea what possessed me NOT to buy the SMA connectors when I bought the station.  Guess I thought that buying them from a supply house over here would not be that difficult.  So far, I own 8 SMA connectors that won't fit the board...  connector housing pins are too large to fit through the PCB holes...

And these were NICE Cinch connectors too....

Do I really have to buy the LPRS from the UK or settle for cheap Chinese UXCELL connectors that don't even have a board standoff ledge on the legs...

I'd really prefer the next batch work and be quality parts...  at least a little better anyway.

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  IP Address Range
Posted by: KY5G - 2017-08-14, 01:35 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (5)

I believe I have identified WHY I have yet to receive my station activation email AND why I never receive an email notification of replies to threads to which I am subscribed...

I OWN my email server.  I ban IP ranges of ISPs, foreigh and domestic, who allow nefarious activity using their IPs if they fail to take action against the malevolent actors.

I suspect that Blitzortung.org is using IPs from such an ISP...

I need someone to clue me in to the IPs used for the email servers and forum and website, so I can add them to my "ALLOW" and "IGNORE" lists on my server so emails will go through BOTH ways.   Big Grin

Thank you in advance!!!

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