H-Field antenna for system BLUE

my name is Michael, i am from Austria, nearby Linz. Since a few day`s i am running a System BLUE (station id: 1650) and i decided to use a loop antenna with a diamater of 1000m and 8 turns. Is it nessasary to adjust the antenne in NS direction?

The E-Fild antenna i placed on a tree in about 5m heigth. The length is about 100mm.

Sometimes the nois is very high, my station sent 26000 signal, others arount 3000. Yesterday i tryed to use the manual mode and the ratio rises up. In the morning the nois again was very high. Now it seems to work.

Dose anybody have experince with the filter IC?

Thanks for your help

i attached a photo of my H-Fild antenna

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H-Field antenna for system BLUE - by michael1608 - 2016-10-03, 10:16

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