E field antenna height

I have just received my system blue and going to make E field and H field antennas.  I have a couple of questions:

What is the minimum height for the E field antenna?
If I mount the system blue in my shed then I doubt I can get the E field antenna above 5m.
If I put the E field antenna in my house the E field antenna will have to go on my wind speed/direction mast, the wx station transmitter is located about 4m below, will this be okay as the speed/direction is just low frequency switch contacts?

The H field antenna is going to be two ferrite rod antennas, these will probably be in the loft.  I assume that these are both mounted horizontally, one facing east-west and the other north-south?

If I put my system blue in a remote location and use a wifi router what is the minimum recommended distance from system blue to wifi?

Sorry for the stupid basic questions but I would like to get it installed in the best place first time.


There is no lower limit for the height of the E-field antenna - If the antenna stood far out on a grassy field, it might be a few cm above grass height.
If it is to be able to "see" far omnidirectionelt, it should be just above the highest point (ideally)
At the top of a mast is very fine, but it may also be a piece down the mast - If metal mast, do a space of 10-15 cm from antenna to mast.

Do not compare the E-field antenna with a radio/television antenna, which can only see just over the horizon. E-field signals are more tolerent.

An electronic weather station sends pulses and not only DC signals. Although these are at a low frequency, the switches can generate interfering signals.
You can create a temporary setup where the antenna comes near the anemometer and wind direction indicator to check it out, before you set it up permanently.

Ferrite antennas in a horizontal cross on the ceiling is really good as long as they are kept as far away from electrical installations (preferably more than two meters)
It need not be NS / EW but it is practical to do so.

Distance between WiFi units depends on the situation - you can not not say anything specific about that.
It is not difficult to test, because BLUE just need 5 volts to operate, so it is easy to move around during the test.

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I can mount two ferrite antenna and an E-field antenna in TV antenna pole?
if you are a good location?
Yes, it's a good position

Stations: 584, 585, 2017
Thanks Richo.
It is better to put in different places (distant) antennas in ferrire and E-field antenna?
They can be in the same box if you like
Stations: 584, 585, 2017

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