Blue H field Ferrite antenna in L or Delta shape?
(2016-11-02, 10:47)nellyt Wrote: Thanks, but I realise you can put two horizontally at 90°, and optionally put a 3rd at  90° to them....
why the picture of three in a delta.? There is no description of deltas in the instructions ?
Which one should I be building
Why the picture of the delta if they are all meant to be at  90°

There are no rules, build something, see how well it performs or suffers from local interference at your location. Modify, retry, rinse and repeat.   Shy

Two antennas at 90 degrees to each other isn't very good here. Aim the null of one at an interference source and the other is useless. Currently two of my loops only have about 30 degrees between them, seems to be working fairly well. Getting used for a few location calculations for strikes the far end of the Med, 2,750 miles away...

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