Activated, but not visible on maps
(2017-08-18, 22:18)SteveQlQ Wrote: Joe: hopefully, I have a file attached to this ....

Hey Steve. I have adapt to noise enabled, for me, it seems to make the strike count go up. My gain is 8*4, 8*4, but that might not work for you. Just mess with it till you get good ratios. You do look like you have some noise to figure out. I have an LCD tv that makes my signal look like yours from wherever I put the antenna. Dimming switches and cfl or fluorescent bulbs also make noise. I just recently had bad interference and I turned off the HP filter and it went away. But it was a spike, not constant like yours.
And I think you do have to go to the page linked in my last post to enter in your antennas, and the length. I read here somewhere it has to be entered. Looks like the attached picture.

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