System Blue Order Status 12. August 2016
(2016-09-12, 06:39)Jayson Black Wrote: Hi all. Im not sure if my issue is related to those previously stated, but I have been putting my name down for a system since 2014. i think i have put my email in about 3 times. maybe about 9 or so months aprt in the time since I first registred in 2014. but I have never received an email telling me my nuber has come up, nor even an email regarding a rank. I searched my email archive and could only find two emails regarding a password change. /me shrugs. Is there some other way I can find out my rank? Or do I just add my email again and it will tell me my rank with out re setting my rank?

Please, read the previous messages of this thread before asking something about your registration !...

All the news are in the FIRST message of this thread
(last updated August 12, 2016).

Egon changed the system of reservation some months ago. Now you have to reserv (or test your rank of reservation) in the Cover Your Area Page.

If you left your email at the Cover Your Area Page you are  stored in a reservation list and got a rank. This rank is updated each time Egon send kits. So you have just to wait an email from Egon that will come when your rank will be close of zero. You could also test from times to times your rank just putting the same email address in the "Cover Your Area" page. But be careful, if you test it when the rank is 0 (or if you make a mistake in your email address), you'll be registered for a new kit !...

(2016-09-12, 06:39)Jayson Black Wrote: The other thing Im finding curious is that I see at begining of Original Post that "Systems are available" Does this mean the queue is empty?

No. It just means "systems are available" and that Egon will send some systems following the queue list order.

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