Activated, but not visible on maps
(2017-08-18, 18:47)SteveQlQ Wrote: Eric...thanks for the reply. I did find my station on the map. However, I do not record the number of strikes that other somewhat nearby stations do. Is repositioning my H-field antenna the key, or is it a combination of factors to lower the noise and increase the range?

You look like you have some interference as well. Is your antenna near any electronics? Do you have an e-field probe running too? Looking at your signals page, it looks like you do have one hooked up. Are you running on automatic or manual? What are your gains set at? When I first hooked up, I was running into interference a lot on automatic. When I went to manual and set gains and other options, it got much better even though I'm still fiddling with it all.
And don't forget to set your station settings and details like Eric suggested. Log in here to do that.
I'm right up the road from you in Jupiter. Howdy neighbor!
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