Activated, but not visible on maps
(2017-08-19, 22:40)JupiterJoe Wrote: What I do when there's noise is load the signal page with noise floor checked on your phone and walk around the house, turning things off that are running, and see if the noise drops. That's how I figured my LCD tv was completely whacking out my signal. (I actually just sold it to a friend and got an LED one instead. Zero noise now.) You can also try unplugging your antenna from the controller and see how the noise is then to make sure it's not an internal fault, or power supply, and you can also rotate your antenna to see if you can find a spot where the noise drops better.
I see your system is not running at the moment, maybe you're troubleshooting. I did see earlier that your gains were high, so that could be a cause too.(One antenna was much higher than the other one.)
Good luck man!

...or you can walk around with an AM radio tuned off station, and follow the noise... sometimes... Rolleyes

Stations: 689, 791, 1439, 3020

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