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  Jameco BOM / OSHPark PCB?
Posted by: RussNelson - 2014-07-23, 16:54 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

Hi. I was wondering if anybody had set up a Jameco BOM for the parts for the hardware?
Also, OSHPark is happy to send you three copies of a board, AND you can make the PCB design public, so that anybody can order a (well, three) copy of the board just by visiting a URL.

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  precision of lighting location
Posted by: Andet - 2014-07-23, 15:39 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (3)

Quick but very important questions :-)
1. Some android maps use blitzortung data to show lighting position even on very big map zoom. I saw which building was hit by lighting.
How precise is lighting locating in reality?
2. At www blitzortung.org we can see growing circles at place of strike. Does the speed of circle growing reflect speed of strike sound spread?
If not, it would be great to implement it. And additionally circle would dissappear at the size where sound fades away. Of course approximately.

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  User 137
Posted by: SilvioSc - 2014-07-19, 13:05 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (1)


Ist es möglich eine Station aus den Benutzerdaten zu löschen oder löschen zu lassen, die nicht mehr betrieben wird?

Gruß Silvio

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Posted by: Superschlumpf - 2014-07-18, 08:40 - Forum: Non-English - Replies (10)

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es die Möglichkeit an Echtzeitdaten der berechneten Strikes zu kommen. Via TCP oder so?
Interessant sind erstmal die Koordinaten und der Timestamp....

LG Berti

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  Missing Parts - 47 ohm resistors
Posted by: gadjex - 2014-07-18, 00:48 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (11)

I got my red kit in yesterday Smile for the Amplifier 12 Ver 3c and Controller 10 Ver 4 and I used the inventory sheets to inventory the order. I received a few extra parts and I am missing a few parts. I am missing 3 - 47 ohm metal film resistors. I have 3 extra 49.9 ohm metal film resistors and 1 1N4148 Diode. Can I substitute the 49.9 ohm for the 47 ohm? The amp needs 2 and the controller needs 1? I used a Fluke multimeter to check the value of all the resistors and double checked that I am missing the 47 ohm ones.

Edit: Found where the 6 extra 2.2k metal film resistors go. OOPs Big Grin

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  Mising parts need mouser parts
Posted by: zendick - 2014-07-17, 03:37 - Forum: Hardware, Software, Lightning Physics - Replies (5)

capacitor 22nf 223

transistor bc338

any help is much appreciated, the build docs do not have the specs for these parts.

Also a quick question, the solder contact on the bottom of the amplifier board at R27 does not exist, I was able to get a good wick out the top of the joint but I was wondering if this is a problem, should i clean of the resin and solder in a ring or leave it. Didn't notice until bard was nearly complete.

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  Looking for a receiver
Posted by: va3mw - 2014-07-16, 14:36 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hi All

We are looking to install some of these in Ontario, Canada, but as there is no hardware available, would anyone care to sell me one that is either still in a kit more or even completed and currently isn't in service or that you don't need anymore?

We would like to get it completed while the summer thunderstorm season is going on.

Many thanks all


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  Access to Blitzortung
Posted by: mt007 - 2014-07-15, 20:32 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

Hi Toby,
i have my H-field kit and now in assembled process but i need to know if i have config STM32F4DISCOVERY, but for that i need to know what software i have to use and login/pass for Blitzortung?

Thanks for help.

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  Use data in free mobile app?
Posted by: mraviator - 2014-07-15, 10:35 - Forum: Website, Maps and Applications - Replies (7)

I have a free weather mobile app and would like to know if I can use the lightning data in it without licensing issues. I've found th eCC BY-SA on this page (http://www.lightningmaps.org/about?lang=en) and think I can. Is this correct?


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  A few questions!
Posted by: wheniwake - 2014-07-14, 19:18 - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (14)

Hi, was researching into how to use a raspberry pi for a weather station when I stumbled across this site. This is definitely a project I am interested in and have yet to see a station in Central Scotland! I expect I will see a fair delay before kits are available again, I'm sure I can wait!

I have filled out the email form for further information however have not had a reply (granted it was only 24 hours ago) will I be waiting until after the summer break for a reply?

I have had a look but cannot find a UK sub section or forum , is there one?

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