General questions for a new system

i play in my mind with the idea to participate to the network with a system blue. After study all the documents i very well informed. But there are some questions left who i didn´t find a answer what satisfy me. 

It´s planned to mount the system on top of the roof of a hall 50m x 50m with 15m height. The complete structure, including the roof, are mostly made of metal. There are not many electrical intereferences around, just some LED lamps inside the building. I don´t expect many noises from them.

I´m aware that i have to search a perfect place for the antenna a while. But maybe there is someone who already tried such kind of configuration and can give me a short information if these is possible or if it´s a complete disadvantage. From my HAM Radio experiences i know that metal below a Antenna can decide over sucess or failure. Thats the reason why i ask before i start with the project. 

There is one more thing, whats about the cable length between controller and amplifier? I have a suited place for the controller, but this require cabling length around 40m. Not sure if the system will work properly if i do that. Is there anybody who have some experiences about this? Somewhere i read about 30m as maximum. 

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Greetings from Germany


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General questions for a new system - by flo_ww - 2016-06-06, 11:34

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